The production of Høst Vintercider and Vintermost was successfully in house at the beginning of November and shortly thereafter supplied to all the various stores that had placed their pre- orders.

Several demos were booked and (advised on the events calendar on FB) the products were again this year welcomed in the market place as a great alternative to the normal “Gløgg”, with more people adding the Høst Vintercider and Vintermost products as their tradition to the season.

On the 15th November the hatch opened at the Christmas Market on Højbro Plads (central Copenhagen) and we have until the 23rd December served many 100s of Litres of Høst Vintercider and Vintermost to visitors from all over the world.

We meet so many different people and have many fun, but hard, hours talking with all of our customers. The feedback and product placement gained is excellent from this venue.

We have received many emails from people that have purchased, well-wishers or indeed just general “how about doing this” for which we are very grateful;

Dear Duncan: you might recall us a few weeks ago at the Christmas market….family of five from the USA drinking your fine cider. We are from Vermont and have cider here, so the comparison was really fun for us… did a GREAT job and we wish you great success in your challenging endeavour. GM-USA.

May the recognition of these products spread and this new tradition long continue….

The Cider House would like to wish all of our followers a Happy Cider Drinking New Year. We look forward to serving you with real drinks from many new venues in 2014.